Parent Network Group

presented by Holly Bennett via Zoom

To discuss personal experiences related to the IEP process and COVID

COVID recovery services for the IEP

presented by Beth Benevides via Zoom

Beth Benevides, a Certified Parent Advocate will discuss the Maryland State Department of Education’s guidance on compensatory education/recovery services for students with IEP’s during the COVID-19 pandemic

Planned Ignoring and Extinction by Rachel Goldberg, BCBA

We are very excited to announce an upcoming workshop by Mrs. Rachel Goldberg, BCBA.  Rachel is going to present on Planned Ignoring and using extinction procedures to decrease problem behaviors.  This workshop will be on Sunday, June 20, 7:00-8:00 pm VIA ZOOM.   My name is Rachel and I am a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and...

Sensory Processing by Holly Nelson, OT

Hello! We are so excited to announce a workshop by Ms. Holly Nelson, OT. The workshop will be on Sunday July 18  from 7-8:30.  She will be presenting on Sensory Processing.  Please email Holly Bennett directly with any concerns you have with sensory processing so I can share them with Ms. Nelson ahead of her...